An holistic approach to physical therapy 

Natural Sports Therapy is my labour of love, and it all started with my own personal journey from sickness to health.   

After a period of severe physical and emotional trauma in my life, I became pretty unwell, run down and injury prone as well as tired and unhappy.  I ran on cortisol for a long time and never really found anything helpful in the traditional western medicines available from the pharmaceutical world. 

At rock bottom, I couldn’t physically walk to leave my home to get help, I didn’t sleep much due to pain and I wasn’t really living a full life for myself or my family.  I was fortunate and blessed enough to find a wonderful physical therapist who visited my home to treat me, listen to me, and make me feel heard and important.  She was a lifeline and a Godsend.  I also found a great church who helped me to learn about healing using food and nature, and this was life changing for me.  The light had been sparked and I began to make a lot of changes in my life which I could never have done alone, without support.    I studied and learned about the 8 biblical health laws, and became a college student again, this time not for career reasons but to help myself and others.   I studied sports injury and rehabilitation as well as nutrition for sport and vegan nutrition during my personal quest to know all there was to know about healing and health.  Naturally, I took an interest in ancient remedies, and how herbs , foods, oils from nature can all be used to promote health and healing.   I started to learn the natural ways to heal and recover.   And I did.  I finally began to get well and enjoy my life again. 

It is my belief that aches, pains, inflammation and injuries in the body are best treated with physical therapy practices combined with natural health laws provide the best route for people who need a little help with getting well.

I changed my career and my lifestyle, my country and my mindset as I learned to help myself and heal, grow in faith, reduce stress in my life and care for myself as I deserve, and now I live my life to the full helping others to understand themselves, their bodies and their choices.

With a little support, knowledge and guidance, I believe we are all designed capable of being well and be happy.

At Natural Sports Therapy you will have access to many forms of physical therapy such as electric therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial trigger point therapy and more.  This will be balanced with advice on diet, lifestyle, and self care.  The idea is that with an holistic approach to physical therapy you will have the best opportunity to thrive.  What’s more, you will be personally helped through the process by someone who cares.

With the right balance of NUTRITION, EXERCISE, WATER, SUNSHINE, TEMPERANCE, FRESH AIR, REST AND TRUST in the process, I believe you will have a NEWSTART at health and healing. 

Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospereth.

3 John 2

‘My beliefs in ancient biblical health laws have led my life as an Adventist, and a holistic therapist. My goal is to apply these principles to help you in your journey for healing, through a life of balance and temperance. We are not a set of boxes to tick, we are living, breathing, spiritual beings who heal and live well when we take all the best practices available to support physical therapy. And that is what I am here to help you to do. To lay hands on you for healing and listen to you so that you have all the best chances of a full recovery from your injury, pain, and problems’

Kelly, Founder @ NST